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The Enrollment Process

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Get to Know Us


Come join us for an informational meeting to learn more about Seven Peaks!

NOTE: The 2024 meetings are completed, but it's not too late! You can request a copy of a recording of the meetings. After watching the recording, you can move on to Step 2.

Complete Application


Submit your application for each student ($65 non-refundable application fee).  Following your child’s acceptance, you will receive an invitation to complete the official enrollment forms. 

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Choose Your Homeschool Structure


Seven Peaks does not hold grades, attendance or transcripts. This is the parents' responsibility and is based on the Homeschool structure chosen. Colorado homeschool laws require compliance with one of three homeschool structures. Of these three, Seven Peaks recommends partnering with an Umbrella School.

Complete Assessment


After your child’s acceptance to Seven Peaks Academy, you will receive a list of required curriculum. Within this list are online assessments. These assessments will aid in guiding you to purchase the correct curriculum for your child. Skip this step if you are enrolling in CHOICE.

Purchase Curriculum


After your child’s assessments are complete, you are set to purchase curriculum. Seven Peaks will be available to help you with any questions as you navigate the curriculum purchasing process.

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