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Colorado Homeschool Law

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Why do I need to choose one of these structures if I'm enrolled in Seven Peaks?

Seven Peaks Academy (SPA) is a Homeschool Hybrid. This means your child is first and foremost homeschooled, and therefore must be registered as a homeschooler. This also means that SPA does not hold your child's attendance, grades or transcripts. Parents are responsible for the school days that SPA does not cover for their child and are required to hold attendance, grades and transcripts according to the homeschool structure they have chosen. Seven Peaks recommends using an umbrella school, but you as the parent can choose the structure that works best for your family. Christian Home Educators of Colroado (CHEC) and Poudre River School are SPA's preferred Umbrella Schools providing maximum freedom for homeschool families.  


"Highly recommended! CHEC was a go to resource for our family for resources, how to’s, and anything related to homeschooling. Thank you for being a beacon of hope for me and my wife."

NOTE: CHEC does not keep transcripts

"They protect us legally, without harassing us, or demanding testing, records, or extra personal information. They let us do what we please, while providing us the support we need. They are affordable, and offer the same rate for multiple kids."

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