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Nurturing the Whole Student

Seven Peaks seeks to partner with the Holy Spirit and with parents to develop the whole-student spiritually, cognitively, emotionally and socially.


Spiritual development is Seven Peaks number one focus, as learning to surrender to the Lord, His will and His plans brings about success in every area of life. Our teachers and staff seek to grow students to learn the Bible, hear the voice of God, and know God’s calling on their life. We believe with this as the first focus, children will boldly and courageously go into the world ministering the Gospel of Christ to others and divinely influencing culture for the Kingdom of God.


It brings Seven Peaks’ teachers and staff great joy to partner with parents in educating their child’s mind to grow and learn. We strive to provide an excellent academic education in order to prepare each child for their God-given calling. As we seek to individualize education, we will pre-assess the child’s understanding and, where possible, create modifications according to the child’s learning needs. The benefit of being a teacher/parent partnership school is we will work together with the parents to encourage an excellent academic growth plan for children.


Students and families learn how to navigate emotion through the realm of God’s truth and the Fruit of the Holy Spirit. Lies and heart hurts formed by life experiences drive emotion. Emotions then drive perspective and decision making, which are important factors in all aspects of learning. It is imperative the relationship between emotion and truth is defined for each student in order for them to spiritually and academically excel, as well as some day truly venture outside the covering of the home. Navigating emotion with a spiritual outlook is the outlet necessary for stepping into victory over everyday life circumstances.


There are many opportunities at Seven Peaks for students and families to socially interact. Not only will your child be encouraged to mingle with other students during chapel, academic classes, lunch and extracurricular activities, but we also seek to provide unique gathering opportunities for families to attend events such as holiday gatherings, Jewish feasts, family building events, ministry outreach and serving projects throughout the year. We are excited to offer these additional family activities because we know the heart of Father God is to see families connect with others in community. This community connection strengthens and encourages us in our walk with the Lord and gives us opportunities to fulfill the Great Commission.

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